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MC 84

Designed specifically for heavy use applications, PrehKeyTec keyboards continue to perform long after others have failed or worn out. PrehKeyTec is so confident about the quality and durability of our German engineering, that a three year warranty is standard on ever unit.

The PrehKeyTec MC 84 Row & Column layout fits neatly over scanner mounting trays or on compact cash drawers. For banking and counter applications, the MC 84 provides durability unmatched by standard PC keyboards


  • 84 Fully programmable key positions
    (7x12 row and column layout)
  • Three Track MSR*, fully programmable
  • Touch pad*
  • Four Status LEDs

**Special order


  • Three Track MSR
  • Touch Pad
  • Smart Card Reader

Additional Options:

  • Any color for 500 units or more
  • Customized Logo
  • Color keys with wear resistant etched symbols
  • Double and Quadruple size keys


  • 84 Programmable key positions
  • Small footprint
  • Row & Column (7 x 12 keys)
  • Integrated options include: Bi-directional 3 track MSR, Touch Pad
  • PS/2 interface